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How to make a pregnancy test positive with 100% success

How to make a pregnancy test positive
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Getting pregnant is not the hard part but how can you find out for sure that you are in fact expecting a baby? Some people find it hard to believe that even the most accurate pregnancy tests can give a false-positive sign. But what if you want to know how to make a pregnancy test positive all along? We’ll discuss all such questions in this article so stick around and you’ll surely get most of answers you were looking for.

We’ll cover the following queries in this article:

  1. How to make a pregnancy test believably positive?
  2. How to make sure you are in fact expecting through pregnancy symptoms?
  3. How can you easily avoid false-positive pregnancy test?

1. How to make a pregnancy test believably positive?

We won’t judge you if you want to know how to make a pregnancy test positive. After all, we all have our reasons for everything. There are too many ways to make it happen but we’ll try to be concise and show only the ones you can try easily. If you’re doing this as a prank then you have to be confident so that no one finds out that they are being fooled. If you want to pull it off nice and easy, start by unnoticeably preparing your partner by complaining about missing your periods. When you’re done with it, come down to the final stage by following any one of these methods:

  1. The easiest way is to get a hold of fake pregnancy tests which are ridiculously easy to find as you don’t know how many people want to try this prank. Such tests come in handy as they’re already marked positive so you won’t have to do the urine stream (Cheers!!)
  2. Next on our list is something that will keep you from drinking cola for a while. Yes, cola can be used to easily fake pregnancy test. No hustle, just dip the pregnancy test in it for a while and remove once you notice the two lines on the strip.
  3. Ask anyone you know well who is pregnant and make a partnership in the prank. Of course the pregnancy test will be positive for the pregnant lady but the only problem in this case is that the lines disappear after some time so you will have to plan this carefully.
  4. Heating a pregnancy test can also be used skillfully to make a pregnancy test positive. There is however a lack of consistency while trying this method as this might not do the trick every time.
  5. Last one on our list is more of a DIY hack. And in our list of knowing how to make a pregnancy test positive, this one is the easiest and simplest of all. All you need to do is take a pink marker, draw a thin line along with the negative line and all set.

2. How to make sure you’re expecting through pregnancy symptoms?

You’ve learned how pregnancy tests are not 100% accurate. But what if I told you that you can actually address just the symptoms to find out if you are pregnant or not? Following are the most common and earlier signs of pregnancy which can start in starting weeks of conception:

  1. Missing a menstrual period commonly means the successful conception.
  2. Frequent cramping is hectic for women during menstruation but it can also be a clue to pregnancy.
  3. A milky discharge from vagina is the most consistent symptom of pregnancy which happen nearly right after conception.
  4. Swollen breasts or somewhat tingly feeling in the breast can also be a sign.
  5. Darkened area around breast nipples is a common symptom when read along with the others.

One thing you should clearly remember is that early symptoms of pregnancy can only point out the possibility that you might be conceiving a baby. You should consult a gynecologist for an accurate pregnancy test to find out beside the pregnancy symptoms. Pregnancy symptoms are natural so they’re different for every woman.

3. How can you easily avoid false-positive pregnancy test?

False-positive pregnancy tests are usually the result of home pregnancy tests. And in an effort to avoid such headache, you should consult a gynecologist for a proper check-up. If you are taking home pregnancy test, don’t drink cola that day, avoid spilling soap water on it, make sure you don’t use an expired one and check at least three times to be sure.


Even the most accurate home pregnancy tests claim to have 99% consistency with accuracy but it’s not true. There are lots of ways to hijack this vulnerability in such pregnancy test to pull out a prank by making a pregnancy test positive. Otherwise just avoid the home pregnancy tests at all and wait for the pregnancy symptoms. And if you see one or two symptoms, go take a proper pregnancy test and see a gynecologist to avoid false-positive pregnancy test.

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